Hybrid application development services

Cipher Growth works with you to turn ideas into extraordinary hybrid apps, enabling seamless cross platform apps to engage each target audience in extraordinary ways.

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Hybrid app development services

Smartphones and tablets reach more hands every day. It makes sense that mobile platforms must focus on cross platform solutions for maximum adoption.

At the same time, native applications are expensive to build. Mobile app development seems like the only way forward.

Complex hardware features aren’t possible on regular mobile apps, however.


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Hybrid app development services

Our hybrid mobile app development services take each app idea to multiple platforms. Your idea turns into a hybrid application at the right cost and timeline to capture the imagination and awe of your target audience across all the platforms they’re on.

Cipher Growth brings passion and expertise through our talented team of software engineers, designers, and expert hybrid app developers. Our hybrid apps are robust with native platform features but with the convenience, cost, and speed of mobile app development company services.

Hybrid app development

Our hybrid app development services are second to none. Cipher Growth handles cross platform app development to build custom apps at the speed of mobile app developers but with the advantages of native apps.

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Cross platform development

Hybrid mobile applications aren’t just the “Goldilocks standard” of modern app development. They’re also the one solution to cross platform development that works no matter which operating systems. Our cross platform mobile app development service focuses on customizing your hybrid mobile app for all major platforms.

Optimized performance

Knowing how to apply the hybrid approach to various platforms and bigger screen devices requires experienced hybrid app developers. Our cross platform app developers optimize hybrid applications to create user friendly experiences with the speed and feel of native app development—but the development cost of mobile apps.

Visually appealing user interface

Cross platform hybrid applications require a professional hybrid mobile app development company to ensure the optimal look and feel of hybrid apps. Different device drivers and different platforms will each require tweaks, and our hybrid mobile app developers build mobile apps that are equally visually appealing on every device.

Our process tested over 100s of client projects

1 Step

Discuss the idea

Our hybrid app development company built a powerful process to bring hybrid apps to life. First, we discuss your business requirements and app idea. Device features and your target audience are topics we dig deep into as we collaborate on your hybrid application.

2 Step


Unlike native applications, the estimate for hybrid mobile apps maximizes your investment and significantly reduces time to market. We provide you with an estimate for your hybrid app development that breaks every stage down line-by-line.

3 Step


We send you a proposal for your hybrid application development and a recommendation for related services that could significantly enhance your hybrid app. The cost compared to a native app makes this proposal easy to get total stakeholder buy-in.

4 Step


Our hybrid approach to app development services starts with that approved proposal. This ensures alignment with your business needs and our hybrid app developers. Then Cipher Growth applies the newest and most robust technologies and keeps you informed during software development.

5 Step


App development services don’t stop when you have a hybrid app. Our app developers perform extensive testing and quality assurance for the best peak load times and performance. Cipher Growth digs into the app’s code for every advantage of today’s cross platform hybrid applications.

6 Step


Your hybrid application is ready to go to market. Our app development services wrap with the launch of your hybrid app. This includes close monitoring of your hybrid app performance by our app development team to make any final adjustments needed.

What clients say about working with
Cipher Growth

Thoughtfully integrating consumer feedback to improve the UX/UI, Cipher Growth has developed a series of consistently improved mobile app iterations. Their competitive pricing structure pairs value with cost savings. The project manager was exceptionally skilled and communicative.

Communicating clearly from the start, Cipher Growth’s expert team inspired confidence throughout the project. Their understanding of complex technologies helped them meet deadlines and respond quickly to any inquiries or technical concerns that arose.

Still in development, the app has begun to be tested internally too. The team manages the project smoothly and provides regular updates on the work. Their honesty and transparency throughout is impressive, and their response is always prompt and satisfactory.

The app performs well and is currently in its second beta testing and development stage. Cipher Growth responds promptly to questions, accurately carried out requests, and explained each phase of the project clearly and comprehensively.

Cipher Growth offers a reasonable pricing structure coupled with outstanding customer service. The team is willing to work extended hours to fix issues. However, there’s a potential language barrier when communicating with Cipher Growth’s team.

Cipher Growth provided the client with full insight into every aspect of the development process. The client notes appreciation for Cipher Growth’s honesty, integrity, and knowledgeable project management.

Cipher Growth’s knowledge and capabilities have led to a lasting relationship with the client, who continues to partner with Cipher Growth on independent ventures since leaving their previous company.

Cipher Growth was responsive and showed a clear understanding of the client’s priorities during the development process. The client describes Cipher Growth as hardworking and truthful and notes that the distance and time difference were never an issue in their collaboration.

Thanks to Cipher Growth's work, the client can check over 100 test cases overnight. They have communicated frequently and promptly via Slack and Skype, ensuring an effective workflow. Their efficient management via Github and high-level QA testing are hallmarks of their work.

Cipher Growth successfully delivered the app as specified, meeting expectations. They were a patient partner that accommodated the client’s needs. Their swift workflow, high-quality design, and top-notch development were impressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hybrid app and native apps?

A native app is a smartphone application that is downloaded directly to the device. This means that each dedicated version of the app has to be written for each different device’s operating system. Android apps won’t work on Apple devices, and vice versa. Hybrid applications are considered a cross platform app, meaning they aren’t downloaded directly to the devices, so they can be written just once and be compatible across devices.

What’s the difference between a hybrid app and mobile apps?

A mobile app could be a hybrid app in loose terms, but to get more specific, a mobile app is really just one that works through a browser (rather than a device’s operating system). A hybrid application, specifically, is one that is still cross platform but leverages some of the device features of native apps to offer greater functionality.

What are some examples of hybrid mobile application development?

Hybrid app development can be seen every day in as many as a dozen hybrid app interfaces you use. Think of Gmail, Evernote, Instagram and Uber as world-class examples. Ask your hybrid app development company for their favorite examples of hybrid apps from their own portfolio.

What is the cost of hybrid mobile app development?

Hybrid app development services require varying degrees of investment. Compared with native app developments, however, the cost to develop a hybrid application is always less. Many of the most popular hybrid app ideas have been built for between $5,000 and $25,000. It will also depend on the hybrid application development company you hire and their operating costs.

How do you vet a hybrid app development company?

So, you have your big idea for a hybrid app. Hybrid application development requires partnering with the right cross platform mobile app development company for your hybrid apps to be competitive in the market. Vet the mobile app development services you find based on the cross platform app examples they can show you in their portfolio.

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